Attention Managers! On Feb 17th we suffered a crash during a kernel upgrade that rendered the server inoperable. Once I recovered the data I discovered we had corrupted most of the tables. Among the fallen include all staff, teams and the users table. I spent 19 hrs attempting to recover and exhausted everything I know to attempt to recover it. Faced with the situation I am unsure how to proceed, Our backups are also trashed. Users would have to recreate there accounts on the new platform anyways and would be tied to there teams then. This does give me the chance to add some things to players that I have wanted to but couldnt without starting fresh on players. The game will be down until the new platform is ready, I truly apologize and wish I could of done something and I understand if none of you come back to play. For those of you who use discord feel free to join me on, Those who sign up to the discord will get the first new accounts. I will do my best to have the new platform and v2 of the game up soon, we will miss all our old players and teams but it happens with beta games sometimes right? We will be back soon better then ever!

A Free Baseball Management Simulation Game

9 Inning Baseball, is a fun and competitive web-based baseball management simulation. Unlike other sports games that use big league players and statistics, our players and teams are completely fictional. While sticking to the roots of baseball, the game follows historic baseball statistics, rules, and fundamentals. Users get to manage their teams, players, and strategies; all while earning bragging rights playing against friends and fellow gamers.